known ages ago as Planet Earth, now faces its gravest hour. Lord Graal has just escaped from the prison satellite where his brother, ruler of the peaceful Galactic Democracy, had exiled him. Malevolent and power-hungry, Graal has plans of vengeance that might forever alter the destiny of mankind..

Metropolis star patrol flies into view, manned by a crew of two

Lord Graal's command ship flies overhead

Metro starpilot: Thats one of those ships that guard the prison satellite, whats it doing in our area?

Co-Pilot: Lets try to find out. Metropolis security orders you into free-float, and to stand by for boarding.

with a single bolt of energy from Graal's cruiser, the Metro-fighter is destroyed...

Interior@ Graal's ship

Lord Graal: Those pilots were sheep, not brother has made his army bloated with peace

Nurek soldier: Astro-fighter ready for launching, Sire

Graal: How far are we from Metropolis?

Nurek soldier: We are approaching gravity.  36 second vector

Graal: Dont disappoint me, Craven

Craven: I'll see to it all, Sire

Graal: And make sure there are no survivors..especially that Barbara Gibson

Craven: Understood, Your Lordship

Nurek astro-fighter launches, sinister black-clad strike team commanded by Craven on-board. The ship  descends towards Metropolis

Metropolis...The Groven Institute

Barbara Gibson (to technician ): Check the readings.

Institute Vid-cam: Barbara Gibson..a telecom for you

Tom-Tom appears on screen...a young but wise-beyond-his-years boy of oriental origin. He is in Barbara's care, one of her most gifted pupils

Barbara: Hey Tom Tom, is anything wrong?

Tom-Tom: Come home Barbara, must leave the institute at once

Barbara: But why...whats the matter?

Tom-Tom speaks Tibetan, rather mysteriously

Barbara rises, as if in a trance. To female  technician: Please take over for me

Technician: Sure

She leaves the Groven Institute Building

Exterior: Security command post, manned by two metro-city guards

Guard: One more hour of this and then we're off, thank God

Barbara passes in land-speeder

Guard: Got a hot date, Barbara?

No reply...Barbara is distant, still trancelike

Guard: Looks like shes been hitting the alpha-wave pills

Barbara: TBA3421 requesting authorisation to exit

Guard: Go ahead Miss Gibson

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