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The Evolution of The Humanoid on the net....
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September 14 2010 * Launch of Curved Space - The Adventures of Stella Star
The ULTIMATE spaghetti sci-fi story collection !!!

May 20 2010 * New hi-res Shusei Nagaoika artwork added to the Humanoid poster artist page


May 15 - NEW FOR 2010

Limited special-edition cd soundtrack release

Brand new vintage pix image gallery - seventeen new black& white promo shots

Humanoid newspaper advertisements page

February 28 2009 * 2 new original promo pix added to the vintage gallery, obtained from the late Forrest J Ackerman.

Details of
The Humanoid poster artist revealed !

Now on sale -
limited editon Humanoid storybook ! click here for details

September 14 2008 * Inter-planetary pop pickers should delight in the news that US synthpop masters Ganymede, creators of The Humanoid's very own pop song, have their latest sci-fi tinged album in the shops.To listen, click HERE, then  check their official website to order HERE. Tell them Golob sent you...  New Humanoid-esque art added to the Drew Struzan page.

August 2008 * Major new site addition..

July 5 2008 * New vintage promo picture gallery opened..
old favourites plus brand new photo scans

May 25 2008 *** GOLOBVISION ! ***
Click here to watch the entire Humanoid movie at YouTube.com

February 7 2008 * Vintage Heroes of the Spaceways book review, featuring Golob the Humanoid.

February 4 2008 * Original 70's promo picture scans added to the misc. gallery

December 26 2007 * Expanded the Leonard Mann Autograph Collection

November 4 2007 * Golob & The Gonz @ The Outer Rim....
The inevitable golobthehumanoid.com STAR WARS Page !

October 6 2007 * New file upload - 4mb UK SFX Magazine scan, featuring
The Humanoid.
vintage promo photos uploaded to misc.
Incredible new
Agatha fan art, by Robinski.

August 3 2007 * New black & white photography added to the misc gallery

July 14 2007 * Added the Kampf um die 5. Galaxies German pressbook pages

July 9 2007 * Added the YouTube.com slideshows page, with original soundtracks.
Uploaded vintage
Nurek promotional photo to the misc. gallery.

June 23 20007 * Put up the complete UK lobby card gallery

April 21 2007 *** The Ultimate Umanoide Update ! ***
The Golob's Graphics Gallery.. the complete Humanoid movie story, retold in digitally enhanced cartoon graphic form.

April 17 2007 * Opened the "L'Umanoide Illumulet" Image Gallery -
Brand new digitech reworks of classic Golob Graphics !!

March 31 2007 * Added the Columbia Pictures home video  promo poster page

March 9 2007 * Uploaded three vintage promotional photos to the
miscellaneous images gallery

February 28 2007 * Uploaded prized Barbara Bach autographed picture.
With thanks to the Queen of the Nurek herself !

January 27 2007 * Impressive new 'Space Claw' starship artwork added to the fan art gallery

January 23 2007 * Two new Corinne Clery promo photos added to the misc image gallery

January 11 2007 * Added excellent vintage Titanus Films promo artwork to the italian posters section

January 05 2007 * Uploaded three stunning original promo photographs to the miscellaneous images gallery

October 06 2006 *** Star Storming Update *** Massive new image gallery - The complete collection of Italian-issued photobusta lobby card atwork
Excellent new fan art gallery...Starcrash vs The Humanoid !

October 02 2006 * Happy First Birthday www.golobthehumanoid.com
The Humanoid Highlights Page

September 17 2006 * The Humanoid in print : Reviews Page 4

September 6 2006 * Added  Reviews Page 2 and the Monthly Film Bulletin scan

September 3 2006 * Exclusive Leonard Mann signed autographs available!!

September 1 2006 * Extra Special Announcement *
Coming Soon..Compromising Hyperspace * Starcrash the Book!!
Behind the scenes expose of the ultimate spaghetti sci-fi spectaculars,
featuring contributions from Golob The Humanoid

August 27 2006 * Focus on the movie extras..
Metropolis, the Light Side...  & Nurek, the Dark Side
Put up the Humanoid community discussion forum - meet & greet fellow fans!
Put up the L'Umanoide My Space profile page..come and Greet Golob !!

July 3 2006 * Added the L'Umanoide 4-sheet promo poster page. Put up the Drew Struzan Sketch Page. Updated The Lady Agatha Glamour Gallery.

June 18 2006 * SEXY Sci-fi.. The Lady Agatha Glamour Gallery!

April 29 2006 * Added the Arthur Kennedy Autograph Page

April 26 2006 * Updated the miscellaneous gallery with vhs and dvd covers, promotional photographs and concept art scans. Put up stunning new fan art.

April 23 2006 * Upgraded the Models Gallery with hi-resolution shots

April 22 2006 * Humanoid v Star Wars - The Comparisons Page

April 9 2006 * Put up the Humanoid Hardware Page

April 7  2006 * Cute new manga-style Robodog artwork , with sound :)

March 22 2006 * Discovered the mega rare Italian-issue L'Umanoide 2-sheet poster

March 19 2006 * Updated the magazine section with hi-res scans

March 4 2006 * Extra special update
* Meeting The Humanoid * Swedish sci-fi convention report

Feb 6 2006 - Nice new
Robodog model photo added. Opened the Shrine to The Humanoid's twin spaghetti sci-fi film, Starcrash

Jan 26 2006 - Added the screenplay transcription pages

Jan 20 2006 - 'At the Hyper-drive-in' ... Golob's movies page

Dec 17 2005 - Added
Fangoria articles to the Magazine section. Opened the Miscellaneous image gallery. Created The Many Faces of Richard Kiel Section, featuring tribute pages to The Humanoid star's many other movie roles.

Dec 11 2005 - Put up the Human Duplicators page dedicated to Richard Kiel's
Dr Kolos character in the 1965 sci fi epic.
*Update*Jan 13 2006 - Added the Human Duplicators media page

Dec 8 2005 - Added Italian 'photobusta' lobby card poster gallery , mega cool artwork.  Added video files from the movie to the Media section

Dec 5 2005 - Nice new annecdote from Leonard Mann about the making of the movie.  Added the Humanoid/Yor movie connections page.  Updated the Spaghetti sci fi shrine

Nov 13 2005 - Added the Leonard Mann movies gallery

Added an incredible behind the scenes photo gallery featuring images donated by special effects wizard Armando Valcauda, many many thanks to Armando for his generosity and support !
Also, new
Richard Kiel autographs added

Nov 5 2005 - Added new image gallery covering Richard Kiel's other movies.
Added small tribute page to the Kiel movie 'War of the Wizards'. Opened
New Humanoid  cartoon style fan art page

October 30 2005 - Put up the Humanoid user group/discussion board page. Added new fan art. Added mini UK lobby card gallery

October 27 2005 -
INTERSTELLAR UPDATES ** posted the superb image gallery donated by L'Umanoide special fx artist Armando Valcauda, some stunning behind the scenes shots. Also, added the mexican lobby card page, Dr Kraspin art to the caricature page, Lady Agatha page 3 , and Robinski's Agatha v Stella Starr Tongue Wars page !!

October 23 2005 - Opened the Spaghetti Sci fi Shrine, featuring image galleries from other Italian science fiction movies. Posted the first Humanoid fan-fiction

October 16 2005 - Uploaded the
Photo Slideshow - view the complete movie story in pictures

October 15 2005 - Added images to the caricature gallery. Added fan poetry to the Lady Agatha Shrine. Put up the Quotes page, with downloadable soundfiles. Special thanks to actor Richard Kiel for kindly advertising The Humanoid site on his official homepage.

October 14 2005 - *MASSIVE NEW UPDATE* - Incredible behind the scenes modelmaking gallery , with thanks to crewmember Paolo Zeccara

October 12 2005 - Stellar new download available ! Listen to the Humanoid's very own song, 'Love Games'.  Thanks to the band  Ganymede

October 10 2005 - Cosmic letter from Artist
Drew Struzan !   Also, started
fan-art page 2

October 8 2005 - *  EXTRA SPECIAL UPDATE * Received wonderful mail from Mr Richard Kiel, Golob The Humanoid himself !! click HERE to read

October 7 2005 - Created the
Caricatures Page

October 2 2005 - Site upgraded to the professional, ad-free version. Thanks to Glazy for help and contribution.

October 1 2005 - Excellent new
fan-art gallery page. Download the super-cool claw-ship animation.

September 23 2005
Meeting Leonard Mann , The Leonard Mann Autograph Gallery, and the Golob MasterGallery

September 17 2005 -  Take the Humanoid Quiz. Put up the cinema advertisement page.

August 10 2005 Updates - Created the
Trivia page. Added the Production Details page.

August 8 2005 Update - Added biography page for each
cast member - added the supporting cast page.

August 4 2005 Update - Added the
International release image page and the Behind the scenes gallery.

July 31 2005 Update - Added the
Crew page , including photos of Aldo Lado & Antonio Margheriti.

July 28 2005 Update - Added mega rare AIP Drew Struzan art page

July 25 2005 Updates - Added 2 article files to the magazine page (click covers to download) .  Updated the soundtrack page with vinyl record details.

July 20 2005 Update - Added the Famous Monsters 164 Humanoid article to the
Magazine section

July 18 Updates - Added the
Review page, added the Stella Starr/Golob autograph. Put up the Your Contributions page

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