The story and screenplay for the movie are credited to Adriano Bolzoni and director Aldo Lado. However a third person had a hand in the final draft of the film.

"Lou Rusoff was Sam Arkoff's brother-in-law, and one of the founders of AIP, along with Jim may be interested to hear that Lou Rusoff had a son, Garry, who was for many years a story editor at AIP in Hollywood and London, and has also written (or re-written) a number of genre films such as The Humanoid".

Interesting to speculate how big an influence Rusoff had on the storyline, and what changes were made...Thanks to Iain for that information, to visit his incredible cult/sci-fi review site go

According to Starburst Magazine, the film was also known in Italy as 'Cosmos King'

The Humanoid is not the first time that different members of the cast have appeared together, many of the performers have crossed paths on the silver screen before. Ivan Rassimov and Arthur Kennedy co-starred in the Umberto Lenzi film 'Romao a Mano Armata' ( Tough Guys ) in 1976. The pair were joined by Humanoide heroine Corinne Clery two years later in the cast of 'Sono Stato un Agent CIA' (aka Covert Action).
Rassimov also shared the big screen with Lady Agatha actress Barbara Bach in 1975's 'Legend of the Sea Wolf', and he crossed paths with Leonard Mann in 1971's 'Vengeance is a Dish Served Cold'.

Golob star Richard Kiel shared the billing with Corinne Clery in 1979's 'Moonraker', while Barbara Bach appeared with him  on two other occasions, the Bond classic 'Spy who Loved Me', and WWII drama 'Force 10 from Navarone'. Humanoid wasn't the first time Ms Bach graced the credits of an Aldo Lado film - he first directed her in 1971's classic 'Short Night of the Glass Dolls'. As a further Bond connection, Lado also directed 007 himself, George Lazenby, in feature film 'Who Saw her Die?'

'Spy who Loved Me' was a breeding ground for yet more spaghetti sci-fi talent, starring the future Stella Starr, Ms Caroline Munro, of Starcrash infamy. The director of that movie, Luigi Cozzi, dismissed The Humanoid, referring to Aldo Lado as a mere 'hired gun' rather than a true sci-fi afficionado.
Various behind-the-scenes Humanoid crew members have gone on to have illustrious movieland careers..set dresser Alessandro Alberti went on to provide art direction for Hollywood smashes like 'The Talented Mr Ripley' and 'Gangs of New York'...joining him on those productions was Humanoid construction manager Stefano Ortolani.  Meanwhile, stunt performer Angelo Ragusa went from L'Umanoide to parts in different Jean Claude Van Damme films, 'The Italian Job' remake, and 'The Mummy', before stunt doubling Jim Caviezel in 'The Passion of The Christ', giving the Humanoid a divine connection!

Did you know that The Humanoid had inspired a song?? The band Ganymede spoke of " a song on (album) Euromantique, 'Love Games', which is based on a 1979 Star Wars rip-off, The Humanoid. Not many people have seen or heard of this movie, but we were so inspired by it that we wrote a song. People will read the song completely different, but...."
Upon contacting the band to investigate further, I was delighted to receive this reply:
"Hi Gonz, thanks for writing! Yeah, that movie is a riot , I'd love to see  a proper DVD release. I love your site, and I signed the online petition. Maybe we'll endeavour to incorporate more Humanoid references into our next album".


Pictured left is up and coming British actor Gary Tiplady, a new name making a BIG impact on the celebrity scene. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Golob actor Richard Kiel, 7'3" Gary is making giant steps on the road to stardom, appearing in a number of television shows and commercials and also tasting movie success with a lead role in the international Warner Bros hit Le Boulet. When not filming, Mr Tiplady is available for hire as a celebrity lookalike, and is guaranteed to liven up your wedding, divorce party or barmitzvah.

To check out the official website, click
Highly recommended reading for Golob fans is Richard Kiel's 2002 autobiography "Making it BIG in the movies". The book makes a highly entertaining read and offers a fascinating insight into the private life of our hero, together with plenty of behind the scenes annecdotes and Tinstletown trivia.

As one may expect , the Bond movies are greatly referred to, but our beloved Humanoid gets a couple of good pages under the heading 'The Italian Experience', and there are also three nice black and white photos from the production. Kiel goes on to note that 'All in all, the filming in Italy and Israel are among my fondest memories in the movie business".

The book belongs on the shelf of any self-respecting Humanoid, and is available from all good booksellers, with signed copies on offer at Mr Kiel's official site,
<< To the left is a blink-or-you'll-miss-it screenshot from one of the films many laser fights towards the climax of the movie. Whats interesting here is that the bad guy being blasted clearly forgot to wear his space-pants, a bare knee visibly sticking out. Unusual, considering he was supposedly robotic. One of Lord Graal's Nurek Death Squad commandos only wearing his shorts?!? The horror!
Clearly the head of the wardrobe dept must have short circuited that day.
Blooper 2 : The Planet Metropolis is supposedly the new name for our own planet Earth, many years in the future. Why, then, is it glowing bright
red in every shot?
..Any more Humanoid bloopers, let me know!
According to the Internet Movie Database, The Humanoid was referred to in an obscure Spanish film from 1980 entitled Arrebato which, to date, I am unable to track down. Anyone with any info regarding this movie, and the Humanoid connection, please let me know !!
Another big name in the movie industry involved in the production of The Humanoid was Mr Emilio Ruiz del Rio, who worked  on the films fx. Emilio is regarded by those in the know as one of the best in the area of miniature effects, and his expertise is on show in such blockbusters as the Conan movies and Dune.


Subsequent to his movie  work on such films as Starcrash, Hercules and, of course, The Humanoid, Special FX wizard Armado Valcauda has developed an interest in pc flash cartoon animation. Examples of his work are available
HERE, the website.