Scouring the spaceways for the best in bad bombastic
British B-movies,
Golob The Humanoid proudly presents
ZEX !!!

aka The Electronic Machine
aka The Electronic Fiend
aka Escapement

aka The Worst Movie this reviewer has never seen !!!

This 1958 UK offering, starring Rod Cameron, Mary Murphy and Meredith Edwards, is purportedly a pre-cursor to the classic 80's
fx-er Dreamscape, dealing as it does with electronic dream therapy and matters of the mind. 
It has, so far, sadly managed to evade each and every attempt by Golob The to track down a copy for review... but, given the tantric and teleport-tastic
extra-terrestrial ebay-ing talents of your webmaster, its only a matter of time...

Til then, on with the luscious lobby cards :)
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