Up close and personal... it's Golob and The Gonz !
Spaghetti Sci-fi shennanigans in Sweden * One fan's dream come true....

I'd seen the 2006 Propworld-Swedish science fiction convention advertised for some time, and had been impressed by the calibre of stars in attendance...Lord of the Rings' Elijah Wood and Star Wars man Ray Park in particular were obviously big names. But when I discovered Richard GOLOB Kiel would be in attendance too, I knew I HAD to be there. After all, theres no bigger name in movies...
This would be more than a simple visit to a sci-fi show for me though... Im a simple Yorkshireman living in the UK, light years away from Gothenburg where the show was to take place. And, having led a sheltered life, I'd never flown. In fact, I'd not been overseas since one short trip to France with the folks 20 years ago... Could I pluck up the courage ??
As luck, and remarkable co-incidence, would have it, I had a contact living in Sweden , an ex-girlfriend Gonzette named Asa who, like me, is also a sci-fi nut. Possibly because she herself is out of this world, belonging to some higher conscious master-race from the Planet Baa. Arrangements were made, I had accommodation, a native speaker to show me the sights, a limitless credit card account to exploit..and I was off !!
My first ever flight...dont ask. Lets just say my stomaches still somewhere over the North Sea. Grrr, turbulence...
The queue to the entrance of the Convention Centre stretched for miiiiles..I saw elves, orcs, stormtroopers..no-one dressed as Golob tho, grrr.... I blushed awkwardly at the thought of so many coming just to see lil ole me, I didn't realise my presence had been advertised..until I was reminded the REAL stars were there too. Id forgotten to pack long-johns and mittens, and froze my bagel buns off in that line until we were FINALLY granted entrance.
We were early...I kicked punched and bit my way straight to the front...and within 5 minutes, I was standing before The Man himself.

The creation of The Humanoid website has been a big deal to me..an obsession, even, for almost a year now. Its been FUN, and has been something to focus on through some not-very-nice times. So meeting Mr Kiel himself was more than your average autograph session to me...it was like a pilgrimage. Of course, Richard was there through his popularity as a Bond star, for which he's universally recognised. But he was more than happy to sign my prized 1979 vinyl sountrack LP , even dedicating it to 'My friend, Gonz' , which completely made my day. He spoke very kindly to all around of this website, which really validated all this hard work for me..a prized Bond autograph was gifted to me too, which shall be cherished...and then Richard posed for some WONDERFUL pictures, holding me in his trademark vice-like grip and squeeezing... yes I DID panic somewhat, thinking maybe he didnt like the website after all , and I was a goner... but, to the giggles of my friends, he finally freed me, the blood returned to my head, and I went on my merry way. His parting words, with a twinkle in his eyes, were to tell me to enjoy the company of the swedish ladies.. :)
The day, and the whole holiday, could not have gone better. It was a fantastic adventure for me, one I'll not forget in a loong time. New friends were met, memories were made...and
Mr 'Golob' Kiel was an absolute pleasure. Can't wait to see him again...
...although, preferably somewhere warmer next time ! The Gonzie goosebumps still wont go away....

Thanks to Asa, for everything. Baa Baa
<<autographed vinyl lp soundtrack * click image to enlarge