Above is exceptionally rare poster  artwork by celebrated artist Drew Struzan, used in a 1978 AIP press book advertising forthcoming movies. To the right is pre-production artwork Mr Struzan used in preparation for the painting.
The press-release reads as follows:

"A major science fiction action-adventure filled with sensational and astonishing special effects tells of a super-human force plotting the overthrow of a galactic empire. Five months of location filming in Africa and Israel, followed by more months of special fx work in Italy and in a Dutch Laboratory, where highly secret laser beam sequences were created, make 'The Humanoid' a unique and startling film. Responsible for the special fx are 2 of the worlds top experts:Zoran Perisic in charge of visual fx who developed an extremely advanced front projection effects system for 'Superman', and Rex Neville, whose highly sophisticated optical systems were also used in 'Superman'.
The 7 million dollar production stars Richard Kiel, Barbara Bach, Arthur Kennedy, Corinne Clery and Leonard Mann. "

Many thanks to Joseph for the artwork, visit his excellent Drew Struzan website

DREW STRUZAN is the most celebrated name working in the field of movie poster art illustration, with titles including such blockbusters as Star Wars, E.T. and Harry Potter on his resume. For his incredible official site, click HERE
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After contacting Mr Struzan via his official website, I was delighted to receive the following kind reply from The Master himself...

"Thanks for writing and for the nice comments.  It has been a long time since I did the Humanoid piece of art.  I never really had any idea where it was used or even if at all.  I was working so hard to get along then that I lost track of much of what I had done.  It's not that I had forgotten it though.  I had never seen the movie with all the work I was doing.  It was nice to see it reproduced on your web site.  I'm sure it will get more eyes to see it than it had ever in it's original debut.

I have nothing in particular to say for the web site.  I got it as a job, never saw the film, and had no contact with the studio.  I was just a working man in those days .  The work came in, I did it and then it went out again.  Your kind letter is the first time anyone has ever mentioned it, ever.

Thanks for sharing and for including me.........Drew"
Update * 2008

Recently discovered is the following original Drew Struzan artwork, a pre-production sketch for a piece for the 1978 mega-rare Universal TV film, Brave New World. The design to the right of the image reflects the concept used in his completed Humanoid piece ( also including trademark Lady Agatha hair-doo ! ) , and it's unclear if the work was completed before or after The Humanoid painting, and if it was ever published.