The Humanoid soundtrack was re-released on cd by GDM Music in early 2010 as a strictly limited special edition, featuring previously unreleased versions of several tracks, making it a must-have for Humanoid collectors and Ennio Morricone enthusiasts...

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01. Un uomo nello spazio
02. Estasi stellare
03. Infanzia, evoluzione e ritorno
04. Informale primo
05. Trasmissione difettosa, rotazione e rivoluzione
06. Incontri a sei
07. Robodog
08. Informale secondo
09. Estasi stellare # 2 *
10. Trasmissione difettosa, rotazione e rivoluzione # 2*
11. Informale primo # 2 *
12. Infanzia, evoluzione e ritorno # 2 *
13. Estasi stellare # 3 *
* Previously unreleased

Further information
Limited edition of 500 copies

8 full colour pages booklet


L'Umanoide is a sci-fi movie directed in 1979 by Aldo Lado and starring Richard Kiel, Barbara Bach, Leonard Mann, Corinne Cléry, Massimo Serato, Arthur Kennedy.
It was conceived and realized after the hit success of Star Wars with special effects made in Italy.
The battle between good and evil aliens has symphonic-electronic music score by Ennio Morricone between Classic and Experimental, alternating romantic and elegiac motifs to other dramatic and violent themes.
For this special edition CD the master tapes of the complete session, of course in stereo, were used and digitally restored and remastered.

The steely-mouthed Jaws, a character previously featured in the James Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, receives a thinly-veiled reincarnation in this picture, rechristened Golob and again played by the inimitable Richard Kiel.
With the help of several companions, including a robotic dog, Golob struggles to foil the world domination plans of a megalomaniacal scientist named Graal (Ivan Rassimov).
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