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Finally, after light-years of fan speculation, the ultimate StarCrash news...

Crash-Master Stephen Romano's long-awaited expose on the making of that most beloved of Spaghetti Sci-fi Space Opera's, STARCRASH  is to be released just in time for Christmas 2006. It will be a deluxe treasure-tome filled with never  before seen illustrations, photos, storyboards etc , plus extensive contributions and interviews with cast and crew members and ALL the behind the scenes gossip on the making of the movie.

Fans of this, the GOLOB website, will be pleased to know that the site will also receive a generous mention, for which The Humanoid is very grateful.

For a sneak preview at whats in store, hit up
Stephen Romano's official site
HERE for exclusive pictures and all the latest info.

the book no spaghetti sci-fi fan can be without !!
Put it on your Xmas list..
and tell Santa Golob sent you..

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