So you think you know EVERYTHING about our favourite film and its stars ? Take the L'Umanoide general knowledge test and see how much you really know.. Answer wisely, Golob is a strict quizmaster. Scores under 20 just may be disintegrated...

1: Star Richard Kiel is more famous for his role in the James Bond movies..what was the name of the character he played?

2: In which film did this character first appear?

3: What was the full title given to Golob by Metro security, after discovering his ID badge ?

4: What is the name of Richard Kiel's wife?

5: Kiel published his auto-biography in 2002...what is the title of the book?

6: Golob is accompanied in the movie by his pet Robo-dog...what is it named?

7: Much of the action in Humanoid takes place on Metropolis. Which famous comic-book character comes from a planet named Metropolis?

8: What is the name of the production company responsible for The Humanoid?

9: The Humanoid was directed by George B Lewis, but this is actually a pseudonym - what is the directors real name?

10: With which 1971 movie did The Humanoid's director make his feature film directorial debut?

11: What is the meaning of Tom Tom's real name ?

12: From where does the character Tom Tom come?

13: How many times was Arthur Kennedy nominated for an Academy Award ?

14: The forces of evil have their headquarters on which moon ?

15: What is the name of the element that transforms men into humanoids?

16: What are Lord Graal's followers known as?

17: What is Graal's number 1 henchman called?

18: What is this henchman's punishment for failing to kill Barbara?

19: What is the relationship between Lord Graal and the ruler of Metropolis?

20: Who plays this ruler of Metropolis?

21: Security chief Nick is played by Leonard Mann...what is the actors real name?

22: Richard Kiel appeared with Corinne Clery in which James Bond movie?

23: What was Corinne's character named in that film?

24: Where is the institute in which Barbara Gibson works?

25: Barbara gives her call-sign when requesting permission to leave the institute..what is it?

26: How does Kraspin subjegate the Humanoid so he can control him?

27: How many members are on the Council of Elders?

28: On the set of which movie did Baraba Bach meet her future husband, Ringo Starr?

29: What weapon do Graal's starfighters employ when attacking Golob and Nicks ship?

30: Approximately how tall was giant Humanoid actor Richard Kiel when making the film?

31: Special fx wizard Armando Valcauda also worked on which other 70s Italian sci-fi blockbuster?

32: Soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone is more famous for the theme tunes to the spaghetti westerns featuring which Legendary American actor?

33: Which company handled the international distribution of the Humanoid movie?

34: Under what title was the film released in Germany?

35: Besides the superhuman strength and invulnerability, what is the obvious physical change to Golob's appearance after becoming the Humanoid?

36: What is the movies promotional tag-line, as featured on international poster and advertisements?

37: Leonard Mann retired from acting in 1989 - what was the name of the final picture he appeared in?

38: Antonio Margheritti supervised special fx for the Humanoid, under which pseudonym?

39: Tom Tom's mysterious guardians protected him using which futuristic weapon?

40: Of what class is Golob's spacecraft ?

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