I was recently overjoyed to receive the following emails and pictures from master modelmaker Paolo Zeccara, who helped make Golob fly..
So... a lot of time is passing from Humanoid, at that time I worked as a  modelmaker in the crew of Armando Valcauda (Starcrash, Hercules 1 & 2) we re-styled the starships built from some  English company, also Antonio Margeriti and Valcauda re-shot the visual effects because the director and  production are unhappy about the works of the English company (I don't remember the name).

The exeperience was beautiful, Valcauda, Margheriti and Lado are the masters of low buget (for the american business) and
I learned a lot of things, very important for my future. In the same
period we worked also at Starcrash, and Hercules with Lou
Ferrigno, with the same crews. This was the beginning of my work in visual  effects. See my curriculum at the
Internet Movie Database

Re the models, I dont now where they are, at the end of a movie all the props are stored in a box. You remember the final shoot of Indiana Jones,the first movie? the big  room full of boxes? Same thing I think.

I appreciate very much your work in remembering The Humanoid.
I sent to you some photos and my autograph...
A big Ciao! from Rome

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