Many thanks to star Leonard Mann for this great annecdote about the making of the film... sounds like he had as big a challenge making the movie as his character Nick did battling the evil Lord Graal !!
" I just received a DVD of the film which I had no idea existed.  From your last e-mail I began to surf around and found a copy with Japanese subtitles.  I watched the film the other night with my wife and she enjoyed it as I did.  I did not remember it being so good. 

I thought about a funny story about the making of the film.  When I was signed to do the film the crew was sent over a couple of weeks before I was scheduled to go.  We were first supposed to shoot in South Africa but at the last minute Israel was chosen due to production needs.  Before leaving for Tel Aviv the Italian producer called and asked me to carry my costume with me since they had been late completing it.  I, of course agreed.  Little did I know..

When I got to customs in Tel Aviv the Israeli producer who was supposed to meet me was late.  Then the Israeli customs officers began to open the boxes I had brought containing my uniform discovering what I guess they thought was something dangerous.  They immediately summoned security officials who began to interrogate me.  They would not believe I was there to make a movie.  They insisted I was up to something and they wanted me to come clean.  It took several hours before the producer finally showed up.   As you can imagine, I was angry. 

Looking back on it now it seems funny, but I can assure you it did not while they were grilling me about my motives for going to Israel!"

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