LASERBLAST * The Animated Aliens * Thanks to Mystery X

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Easily the highlight of the Laserblast movie were the delightfully quirky turtle-like alien enforcers. Unlike the soul-less CGI creations of more modern movie fare, these Laser-blasters were given life through painstaking stop-motion animation by industry legend
Dave Allen.

Academy award-nominated Allen's creations have graced scores of genre classics. Favouites include soft-core sci fi FLESH GORDON, where he brought to the screen the infamous Great God Porno , and DUNGEONMASTER, another of Laserblast producer Charles Band's hits, plus Caveman, starring Humanoid actress Barbara Bach, bigger budget efforts like Lucas' Willow, and Ghostbusters 2.

Sadly, Mr Allen's illustreous career never quite achieved similar recognition to that of his contemporary, Ray Harryhausen, and the cinematic world was robbed of his talent when he succumbed to cancer in 1999

A scale model version of the Laserblast alien was produced and marketed by the Billiken company, and is now highly prized by collectors.

Another point of note is that Allen's Laserblast alien has at times been credited as being the inspiration behind the look of one of sci-fi fandoms most beloved extra-terrestrials, E.T himself !