Dear Gonz,
My assistant, Rosemary told me about the site so I took a look.  Congratulations!  What a lot of work you have put into creating it.  I am going to have my webmaster put a link on my site so my other fans can see what you have done.
The Humanoid could have been a huge success in America and the UK, had the Italians been able to work with direct sound.  Unfortunately they were so used to dubbing everything later that it was impossible to get the crew to stop hammering and talking during the filming.  While this may work for Italian movie patrons it wouldn't have worked for American and British audiences. 
In my opinion, American International was able to use the dubbing as an excuse to get out of their obligation to distribute the film in America but perhaps the real reason was that they were going through some financial difficulties at the time and simply didn't have the cash to pick up and distribute the film as planned. I say this because in spite of the dubbing Columbia did release it in foreign markets.

The film had the potential to be kind of a spaghetti Star Wars and I think that it would have found an audience made up of fans like yourself who appreciated the valiant effort that director Aldo Lado made against all odds.
Unfortunately, it doesn't stand up today because of the technical advances that have been made in the area of computer graphics, etc.  I do believe, however, that a DVD version could sell to a niche market that likes Sci Fi and especially if you could get it reviewed by Science Fiction Mystery Theatre as they can bring any "B" or "C" film to the attention of the planet.
I talk about this film in my book "Making It BIG In The Movies as the "Italian experience" was quite special.  By the way a new expanded version of my book is available in hardcover on my website. It is less personal and covers more of the "B" and even
"D-" films I made along with more stories about some of the other TV shows I did. FYI, I do a column for a film magazine called Cinema Retro published by my good friends Lee Pfeiffer and Dave Worral at (my first article is in their premiere issue) and I will see if they want me to do a piece on the film and,  if so, I will put your web address in the article.  It's a very classy magazine and normally it features classic films of the past but Lee and Dave are big Bond fans and because both Barbara Bach and Corrine Clery are both in it it may work!
All the best!
Richard Kiel
AKA Jaws
October 8 2005
A wonderful surprise for me  to receive the following from our hero himself ,
Mr Richard Kiel , aka Golob the Humanoid !!
An absolute honour and pleasure to receive such kinds words and positive feedback from a personal hero of mine - I thank Mr Kiel for his support and friendship of this site, and for his fantastic performance in such a wonderful movie.
                                                                                                The Gonz
*** UPDATE - A further kind email from Mr Kiel revealed more of his feelings and opinions of The Humanoid ***

Dear Gonz,
Using information I found on your site I ordered the DVD with Japanese sub-titles. I expected the sub-titles to be more in the way and annoying then they turned out to be.
I bought the DVD for my collection and for my grandchildren.It didnít grab the 4-year-oldís attention but the ending was playing when his 6-year-old sister came home and she was very interested in this movie starring ďPapa.Ē My middle son has a 6-year-old as well so some time when they are both here I will show it to them on our 65Ē TV (with surround sound. I had a Pal version converted to NTSC and it was too pitiful to watch so I am glad to have this one to show them.

Comparing to what the kids have to watch today I found the movie a little slow.  Even the Star Warís type title sequence is too slow for young kids today as they are used to being visually stimulated at a 100 miles per hour pace.I think if the movie would have had direct sound and the nude scene edited out (after all it should have been a family movie) and the whole thing speeded up a lot regarding pace that it would have been successful when it was made.
My mother used to say, ďIf wishes were horses, beggars would ride.Ē  In other words things arenít always what you wished they could be.

This movie was a real blessing to me, my wife and children and family as we filmed in Rome and Israel and only worked a 5-day-week, so we had a car and driver every weekend to see sites and explore both those places. I was able to bring my mother and my sisterís two girls over so they could see Rome and Paris using some of my living allowance.So it was great! I expected more out of the movie, however, as my magazine article brings out. I thought that it would be better and I was disappointed that it was never released in the US.

But things happen and you never know how a film or its ad campaign will come out.  I did a very funny movie called So Fine but it was boycotted and picketed by the feminists because of its male chauvinist ad campaign. I didnít imagine that my role in the Spy Who Loved Me would have such audience appeal when the character was described to me or even when I read the script but because of the director and Roger it turned out so much better than I expected. The Longest Yard failed in its initial test runs because the ads showed Burt behind bars in a football uniform.  Apparently, wives and girlfriends donít want to go see a movie about football in prison so when they changed the ad to one showing a bimbo in bed with Burt bare-chested and seemingly taking off his pants (when he was actually putting them on) they were raring to go see it.

The Humanoid does have the basic elements of a good story which makes it fun to watch like Eeegah in spite of its shortcomings.

I appreciate your site and have enjoyed looking at the links and I am glad you stimulated me to buy a DVD version. I hope you can get it released in wide-screen DVD without sub-titles as that would be even better.

All the best,
Richard Kiel