Held captive by the Great Brother in a mental control satelite, and kept under constant sedation, the dastardly doctor, graspin' Kraspin, is one of the deadliest men in the Galaxy. A scientific genius, he is warped by dreams of power and dominance, and twisted by a hateful lust for revenge against Barbara...
'she destroyed years of my work..committed me to an asylum..only her death can satisfy me!'
Born 17 February, 1914 in Massachusetts USA, Arthur Kennedy was one of the leading thespians of his generation, greatly respected by his peers. His long-time career in the film industry led to four deserved Academy Award nominations, though unjustly he was unsuccessful each time. He did however win a coveted Tony award for his Broadway endeavours. Arthur Kennedy  brought this fine acting pedigree to The Humanoid, giving weight to the character and convincing us of Kraspin's unbalanced psyhcosis. Interestingly, Kennedy wasn't the first choice for the role, Donald Pleasance, another acting heavyweight,  was originally cast in the part. Sadly the acting world was robbed of his talent when he passed on, succumbing to a brain tumour on January 5th, 1990.

For those interested in his career, the book Arthur Kennedy:Man of Characters:A Stage and Screen Biography, by Laurie Kennedy, makes compelling reading.
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