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The Aliens...they must destroy man, to survive....

On February 11th, Rudy Ekhart was taken into a flying saucer and seduced by a beautiful woman. On February 13th, he comitted suicide.
It was the first of the Starship Invasions...
From a distant galaxy, Captain Rameses, leader of the Legion of the Winged Serpent, is in search of a new planet for his people to conquer and inhabit. Earth is the most suitable candidate for invasion. But, deep in the Atlantic Ocean, another group of aliens - the galactic League of Races - is dedicated to the Earth's protection.
The fight for the planet begins. The League of Race's forces are weakened by the absence of Captain Anaxi and Dr Phio. Damage to their ship's computer has left them stranded, and they must enlist the help of Earthmen. They kidnap UFO investigator Professor Alan Duncan, who persuades his friend Malcolm - a computer expert - to help.

The computer repaired, the League of Race's starship races to join the main warfleet and direct the battle against Rameses' evil forces.
Earth's survival depends on the outcome....
Starship Invasions
Starring Robert Vaughn and Christopher Lee
Written and directed by Ed Hunt

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