*** Fan  Fiction ***

The Test
Kyle awoke with a start, completely bewildered. He’d been dreaming of Corinna, a fever-dream he had no wish to leave. The wailing of the klaxon was insistent though, the proximity sensor heralding a new arrival, a new star in the heavens.  Colony Inspector Golob, with his supplies, his booming laugh, his endless stories. And more importantly, a different face to look at. Visitors to O-zen were rare. Were none-existent, even. The world was nothing more than a rock, on the distant edges of the system. The Metroplis settlement was young, only having colonised the planet two decades ago. And as Corinna, in her youthful wisdom, kept wistfully reminding him, the core worlds were where the action was … no-one in their right mind came willingly to this dump.

The klaxon blared. Kyle’s head cracked the low ceiling yet again, as always when he was startled. Pulling his pants on, he stumbled across the room to the comtouch console, his only link with the core worlds, with the life he so desperately craved.  Still bleary-eyed, he realised with some irritation that Golob was early…days early.  There would be hell to pay if he’d not brought Corinna’s life day gift..

The radiation gauge flickered. Bright red, and desperate. The digital readout wasn’t 5+ ,  as always. It was 500+ Then , 2000.

Kyle‘s dream was forgotten. “This is a joke”…

The ground trembled, softly at first, and with distant thunder.  Then an explosion, a white-light starburst, and the station launch bay was no-more. An accident, Kyle thought as he ran for the door. A terrible accident.

No-one would ever attack us..

The sky was lit with tracer beams, neon-green, guiding missiles to their targets. The ship was a silhouette, an ugly shadow on the morning sun. The day’s tech crew were running to him, frantic, fire at their heels. There was terror on their faces -

No. Not terror... Hatred. Faces of friends, twisted. With bloodlust. With frenzy.. And getting close.
Kyle punched at the lock, the blast door wheezed in protest as the metal frame came down - then stopped, half-open. The power was out. The klaxon cut ,  mid-scream. The radiation count froze, 5000...

The gun. The gun in the locker…

Too late. Fists brayed in desperation, the glass of the door shattered. There were screams, but no words. Kyle fled. This wasn’t happening. This was madness..

Corinna stood before him, halfway down the corridor, still naked from her sleep. She was beautiful, he thought crazily, so very beautiful. The emergency light blinked scarlet, lighting her eyes, faded, then blinked again as she walked toward him.  She was unhurt.  Confused maybe, distant.. But unharmed. Kyle reached her, stretched out his hand to her cheek.

“It’s an attack” he gasped, remembering he could speak, “We have to get help, Corri”.
She smiled then, for the first time. Her eyes lit once more, flashed with fire. Then she was feral. His arm broke with her first blow, the second threw him 20 feet, his head split as he hit the floor.  The men were running down the corridor, senseless, possessed. Corinna turned to face them, triumphant. Then she turned back to Kyle, her arms raised.

“ I loved you” was  all he could think. He couldn’t tell if he said it. Then the dark took him. The screams dreamed away, to echoes.

The lights blinked out.

Kraspin watched the view screen, unmoved, his eyes wide, empty suns. The test was a success, as he expected. He was validated. He had been right all along.  The Kappa Element worked. He would be remembered for this triumph. And Metropolis would be made to pay.

He raised his arm, called a halt. The last of the Kappatron warheads struck the planets surface and ignited. The faces on the viewer twisted, convulsed, enraged. Once men, now mindless Humanoids, they turned on each other at once, obeying the Kappa instinct to destroy. Kraspin turned from the screen, satisfied. Overjoyed even. His hands clapping madly, he laughed, obscenely. The ship-techs looked down, almost ashamed, as he revelled. Then he caught himself, with the one thought : Barbara Gibson would die.

Kraspin stalked away to his quarters. There was much to prepare for. “Break orbit, destination Noxon” he barked over his shoulder, as the view panel closed behind him, the carnage frozen on screen.  The Nurekka rose to the Heavens and was lost to the stars. Behind it, the stuggle for supremacy began.

Humanity was dead on Planet O-Zen.

Story (C)  By Darqueheart