* Stella Starr at the Star Wars Bar *

This cosmic commercial , filmed in the late 70s on a million dollar plus budget, features Starcrash starlet Caroline Munro as an out of this world bartender in a Star Wars-style cantina bar. The Space-cowboy style character takes a seat among the three-armed, six-eyed revellers and asks for a taste of 'the unusual'... aka Dr Pepper..so misunderstood !!

<<< *note the THREE crossed-legs. Does YOUR local have a barmaid like this ??

Caroline commented that the costume was very extravagant, although the fantastical hairstyle made her resemble Mickey Mouse. In typical Munro style, she summed up the experience by saying the shoes she wore were 'to die for'. and so are you, Stella Starr, so are you ! :)
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