An Italian production (though some unofficial sources suggest the movie as being an Italian/Tukish co-production).
Year of production was 1979. The movie was passed by the Italian ratings board on March 21st of that year, followed by a theatrical release in Italy on April 11. The movie went on to be theatrically released in West Germany, June 22 1979 (rated 12), and also gained a cinematic showing in France on August 8. The film was released in Norway, with a 15 rating. Censorship of the topless torture scene granted the film a parental guidance rating in the UK. The movie was picked up for theatrical distribution in the USA by American International pictures, although it's unclear if it was actually shown in cinemas. It was released in Australia by Columbia Pictures, who also seem to have distributed it in several other territories, including the UK video release.

The movie is known in it's native Italy as L'Umanoide - other international titles for the film include L'Humanoide (France and Belgium),  El Humanoide (Spain), Humanoidi (Finland), Robot Mennesket (Norway) and Kampf um die 5 Galaxis (Fight for the 5 Galaxies ), Germany. The movies Turkish title, Uzay Kartallari, translates as 'Space Eagles'.

The film's estimated budget was $7 million dollars US.

Italian company Merope Film was credited with the film's production. It was their fourth and, to date, last cinematic entry ( copyright holder: Merope Film S.r.l MCMLXXIX ).
Other companies involved in the production included Studio 4 and Studio Verzini, who handled the optical effects, Cinesicurta (insurance), D'Angelo (Draperies), Minotaur Photoplay (dialogue recording), Fono Roma (Sound re-recording),  GP 11 Safas Cantina (costumes) and Pompei (shoes).
Rancati provided the arms, and  Rocchetti e Carboni the wigs.
Roma's Press Photo handled the stills photography.
Ennio Morricone's masterful score was recorded and published on the RCA S.p.a label.

Filming locations included the famed Cinecitta Studios in Rome, Lazio, Italy, and location work in Israel (and, according to one unconfirmed source, South Africa ). The film was shot in colour (Kodak) with a mono sound mix. The 35mm prints were handled by Movieland, Italy / Technospes S.p.a Rome.
Special fx were supervised by Antonio Margheriti under his international alias Anthony M. Dawson. The film was directed by Aldo Lado under the pseudonym George B. Lewis, (which is possibly a reference to Star Wars Genius George Lucas, although this has yet to be proved...)

With thanks to the Internet Movie Database and The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television.

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