It may not be the most imaginative,  futuristic name, but Barbara Gibson has all the credentials a sci-fi sweetheart needs. She can scream. VERY loudly. She can blast the crap outta faceless Italian stuntmen better than anyone. She's good at being rescued by heros. And she looks better in a wet dress than Princess Leia could ever hope.  Best thing about Barbara Gibson? There's no  farmboy tattooine twin-brother incestuously drooling over her!

Kraspin: An ideal specimen, wouldn't  you say ?? :)

Looks like she's been hitting the alpha-wave pills !!!

Born March 23, 1950 in Paris, France as Corinna Piccolo, Ms Clery first came to fame, and international notoriety, as lead actress in the classic 70's erotic masterpiece 'The Story of O' This infamous tale of sado-masochism and bondage is light years from her whiter-than-white performance in Humanoid. Ms Clery's career continued with a number of diverse roles in various genres, the highlight of which probably being her star turn as 'Corinne Dufour' in James Bond adventure 'Moonraker'. Following her 'Bond Girl' place in immortality, Ms Clery has continued to act and is now a familiar face on Italian television. Humanoid fans will appreciate her performance in that other renowned spaghetti sci-fi masterpiece Yor - Hunter from the Future, directed by L'Umanoide special fx wizard Antonio Margheriti and also featuring many Humanoid props and costumes. Ms Clery screams just as loudly in this movie, although the hero who rescues her is considerably shorter than Richard Kiel!

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